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Here at BuzzBroz we produce handcrafted, all natural lip balm from the beeswax of our very own Missouri beehives. Our lip balm is of the highest quality. We also use recycled plastic containers for our balm and recycled cardboard for our custom display boxes. Our lip balm contains as few ingredients as possible, no petroleum and no added preservatives. We do everything by hand in small batches to ensure a quality product!
We began this adventure with honey bee colonies located outside of Hermann, Missouri in the heart of Missouri Wine Country. Our hives are nestled among the vineyards, orchard and fields of wildflowers at Cane Pole Vineyards. We first acquired our bees in April of 2008. Since then, we’ve added a few colonies and currently operate several hives in our apiary. More recently, we've been keeping bees in the beautiful La Barque Creek area near Pacific, Missouri.
We started keeping bees because we were interested in trying to do our part to help out with the issues of dwindling honey bee populations. We were also interested in their ability to help with pollination of our crops, gardens, wildflowers and tree. Pollination increases ecological diversity on our property, in our neighborhoods and of course... the honey!
After harvesting honey from our hives, we are left with lots of beautiful clean, fresh wax from the cappings of the honey frame. We wanted to utilize the wax that we collected and decided to try recycling it into our lip balm. Our goal was to make an all-natural product with no unnecessary ingredients. After some late nights and numerous trials, we found just the right combination. We feel we’ve created an amazing product and we are sure that you’ll agree!