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Pure | Raw | Unfiltered HONEY


Natural Approach to Beekeeping 

Zero heat extraction & Bottling 

Apiaries currently in Eureka and Pacific, MO.

Seasonal offerings available for LOCAL pickup.

Several packaging options available. Supplies Limited!


Go to "Buzzworthy Products" page to see online availability or send us a message.

Phone: 314-489-3534



Cash or Check

Honey Tip:

All raw honey will crystallize over time. Give it a try! We love it. Or simply place container in warm water to liquify! 

Bee Thought:

We believe pure, raw honey is best experienced locally for several reasons. The health benefits are numerous and strengthening local bee populations increases pollination of your neighborhood vegetable gardens, flowers and trees. Honey bees are directly responsible for pollinating 1/3 of the food we eat. The more local beekeepers we have, the better off we'll bee!

Bee Help:

If you are having a hard time finding local raw honey, we are happy to assist in your search or discuss shipping options to get our honey to doorstep. 

Support Local Beekeepers  |  Save the Bees 

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